I get this question a lot when speaking to newly engaged couples when start to conceptualise designs and colour of their weddings style. As a graphic designer I LOVE designing with lots of colour, but my printer mind is always reminding me less is more… which does work great for lots of wedding styles.

When it comes to printing letterpress, each run through the press is 1 colour at a time (unless you opt for an ombre look, which is 2 colours gradient into one another).

Part of my custom design service involves a custom Pantone Colour to match your wedding theme. I hand mix these inks using the Pantone Mixing Formula. There are 1,867 to be exact!

As Letterpress ink is transparent. It can appear slightly different to the swatch you see on your screen. This comes down to the colour chosen, the colour of the stock and also the size of ink coverage.Β 

In my semi-custom range Oh My Collection, there is a choice of 20 specially chosen colours that match 20 different lux envelopes. These colours can mix matched and I am always here to help with the selection, never hesitate to shoot me an email or message.

To see the full range of Invitations, Save the Dates and matching digital envelope printing see here

Until next time,

Emily xxx

Oh My Golly Letterpress - Custom Stationery

Oh My Golly Letterpress – Custom Stationery