Creating a guest list for your wedding can be a challenging task, but with careful thought and consideration, you can ensure that you do not unintentionally offend anyone! It’s something I do need before printing your letterpress stationery!

Start by prioritising close family members and friends who are important to you and your partner. Consider the size of your venue and budget when finalising the list.

One strategy to avoid offending anyone is to be clear about your limitations, whether it’s budget constraints or space restrictions. Communicate openly with your guests about the intimate nature of your wedding, so they understand the significance of being included. If faced with potential conflicts, handle them delicately by discussing concerns directly with the individuals involved.

A good guide to follow, is to ask yourself have you seen or spoke with this person/family in the last 6-12 months? And then pop them on a maybe list. If you do have places left, work through that list and ask yourself, how would you feel about the relationship if they weren’t invited.

It’s important to set boundaries early on and stick to them despite any pressures or guilt trips. Remember, it’s your special day, and it’s okay to be selective about who attends.

By approaching the guest list with sensitivity and tact, you can ensure a memorable and harmonious wedding celebration for all involved.

But at the end of the day, it is YOUR day and you invite who you want!